Armed man escapes from psychiatric clinic

A man being held at the psychiatric clinic Woenselse Poort in Eindhoven went missing on Friday. The patient, who is said to be armed and dangerous, went on leave on Thursday and did not return. The police are looking for the man, confirms the Department of Correctional Facilities.

An employee of the clinic rang the alarm when the patient did not return on Friday. The concerns were great within the clinic. The Telegraaf reports that the Woenselse Poort clinic was unaware of the patient’s disappearance on Friday.

It was not until late Friday evening that the Department of Correctional Facilities confirmed that the psychiatric patient did not return from his unregulated leave. “The Public Prosecution Service and the Fast NL team of the police have been informed. Fast NL is looking for the man,” said a police spokesperson. It concerns a man from Vlissingen who has a firearm and is thought to be dangerous.

This news coming from the Woenselse Poort clinic falls in line with a series of previous incidents. In 2018, a disabled security guard forced a patient to have sex with him. The man turned out to be working without any qualifications. In 2019, a client attacked two staff members, one of whom was seriously injured. In 2016, the clinic was discredited for suicides, drug use, and arms smuggling.