Patrick Mahomes: We have to find ways to combat what Bucs did to us

Everyone in the NFL saw the Bucs hold the Chiefs to three field goals in Super Bowl LV and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes thinks that’s going to influence their future opponents.

Mahomes said on Monday that the Bucs “did a good job of kind of taking away our easy stuff” and limiting opportunities to get the ball to wide receiver Tyreek Hill and tight end Travis Kelce. That effort was helped by a relentless pass rush that a makeshift Chiefs line struggled to slow down.

With the Chiefs’ season now over, Mahomes said he’s ready to look ahead to the next one and studying the 31-9 loss to the Bucs will play a big part of that.

“As of today, I’m going to do whatever I can to try and look at the film and try to find ways to get better,” Mahomes said, via Charles Goldman of “Obviously, with our offense and the success that we’ve had. When teams see the defensive plan that they had and how well that it worked, they’re going to try and do the same thing. [I’m going to] try to find ways to combat that and kind of the evolution of our offense. We’re going to have to do better things and be more efficient. That really goes with me and not always looking for the big play, but finding ways to move the ball down the field.”

Every defense would like to mimic what the Bucs did on Sunday night, but few have the same talent on hand. Better health on the line should help the Chiefs deal with those who do and other tweaks will surely follow after their offense was grounded in the biggest game of the season.