Driver crashes car into house in Tynaarlo

A 42-year-old driver crashed his car into an apartment in Tynaarlo earlier this week. The man, who himself comes Tynaarlo, fled the scene immediately afterward, RTV Drenthe reported.

The inhabitants of the home were not injured, though the house was heavily damaged in the incident on Thursday. The motive behind the crash is not yet clear, although a neighbor of the victim believes it was intentional.

To RTV Drenthe she said she was out walking her dog when she spotted a car that was going “probably around 100 kilometers per hour”. She then began to scream. “Straight away, I ran to the house to see if my neighbor was okay. The driver of the car was cursing and ranting and then, ran away.” She immediately called police. “My legs are still shaking”, she says to reporters at the scene of the crime.

The entire front of the house was destroyed in the crash and the garden wa covered in glass splinters.

The suspect was detained and police were still further investigating the crime.