Missing fugitive arrested and returned to psychiatric clinic

The man who went missing from the psychiatric clinic Woenselse Poort in Eindhoven on Friday has been arrested. The police found him in a house in Vlissingen. This was announced by a spokesperson for the national prosecutor’s office on Saturday evening.

The man was granted unaccompanied leave on Thursday. However, he broke the agreement and did not return to the clinic in Eindhoven. The Public Prosecution Service and Fast NL (Fugitive Active Search Team) were called in to trace the man.

He was found in his hometown Vlissingen in Zeeland, where an armed team arrested him. A second person, who was also present in the vicinity, was also arrested.

The exact conditions for which the man was admitted to the psychiatric clinic have not been disclosed. According to the Woenselse Poort clinic, the client “himself chose treatment and stay in the clinic” at some point after his conviction.

The institution is “happy” that the client has been found. “We are going to see what the next steps are. Agreements have been violated. WE have to see how we deal with this with all parties involved.”